eID Services

All eID services are offered for free on this e-contract.be web server. These services can be used during developments. Small scale users can also use these services for production deployments. Please let us known if you're planning to use the e-contract services for production environments as it helps our capacity planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

To aid the service desk of our clients, we offer a FAQ about our eID services.

Service Level Agreement

Only registered clients can enforce certain SLA conditions. Once you consume a certain volume, we ask you to become a registered client.

Dedicated environment

Clients requiring a custom SLA and/or consuming a very high volume are assigned a dedicated environment. In this setup, the e-contract.be system serves as fail-over in case the dedicated environment goes down.

For more information on these different offerings, please contact us at sales@e-contract.be.

eID Trust Service

The eID Trust Service contains an eID Trust Service Portal. Via this portal citizens can verify the validity of their eID certificates online. At the very core the eID Trust Service offers an XKMS2 based web service for certificate chain validation.

eID Trust Service Portal @ e-contract.be

eID Trust Service XKMS2 web service @ e-contract.be

Digital Signature Service

The Digital Signature Service allows web applications to create and verify digital signatures. The DSS comes with a portal for document centric signature creation and validation. When directly visiting the DSS system, you get an overview of all supported document formats and signature protocols.

DSS Portal @ e-contract.be

DSS supported document formats and protocols @ e-contract.be

DSSP SDK for Java



eID Identity Provider

The eID IdP allows web applications (also known as Service Providers) to authenticate end users in a secure way using the eID card. The eID IdP can also be visited directly in which case you get an overview of all supported authentication protocols.

eID IdP Test Service Provider @ e-contract.be

eID IdP supported protocols @ e-contract.be

Belgian Trusted List

As required by the e-Signatures Service Directive the Belgian state offers a Trusted List listing all qualified certificate service providers.

Belgian Trusted List site

Maven2 repository

We host a Maven2 repository that contains all latest builds of all eID products. This Maven2 repository can be used by Java developers when working on eID integration projects.

Maven2 repository @ e-contract.be

Continuous Integration

The source code of all eID products is constantly monitored via a continuous integration service. This allows us to take the quality of software to the highest level possible.


All eID services are constantly monitored. The monitoring service is publicly available. This allows all relying parties to check the health of the eID services.